Statistics Class

Week 6:  Feb 11 - 15

Quiz 10 has posted - due by 10 am on Feb 12. Do chapter 5 quiz questions 1-21. Read chapter 5 up to but not including t-distributions


NOTE: Sofie's office hours and email address have changed. See the stats home page for updated information.


PROGRESS TEST 1 is Feb 7, 8, 11 at the testing center


Quiz 11 has posted - due by 10 am on Feb 14. Do chapter 5 quiz questions 22-32. Finish reading chapter 5 and start chapter 6 up to the end of page 107


Quiz 12 has posted - see week 7 announcements


Work on assignment 2 for the class. Read the page "how to identify IVs and DVs" first, then do the practice problems. Finally, do the assignment. Due Feb 15


In this week's lab, we will learn how to calculate and interpret confidence intervals. Before the lab, click on the link for class survey assignment 5 and read the need to knows, as well as the assignment itself.