Statistics Class

Week 15:  April 22-26

The SPSS test is at the testing center this week, Mon-Thur


Quiz 26 has posted - due by 10:00 am Tuesday April 23

Do all the practice quiz questions in Chapter 11


For Tuesday, read chapter 12 pp.  285-295 (up to regression)


Quiz 27 has posted - due by 10 am Thurs. April 25. 
Do chapter 12, practice quiz questions 1-37


For Thursday, read the rest of chapter 12


Quiz 28 has posted. Bring it to my office by NOON on April 30. Do chapter 12 practice quiz questions 38 - end.


Progress test 5 on chapters 11-12 is optional. You can take it at the testing center Mon-Thurs (noon) finals week.


No lab this Wednesday. Also, my office hour that day will be from 11:00-noon. Friday (study day) office hour 1:30-2:30