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Team Project Assignments

Statistics Lab

Z scores and outliers


For the "solo" analysis part of this assignment, convert each participant's age and their score on each of the scales in your survey to Z scores.  Using the criteria that any score equal to or greater than +/-3.00 is an outlier, identify where the outliers are (i.e. which variables). For each variable where there are outliers, indicate the range of z-scores that are outliers and the corresponding range in raw scores. If you forgot how to to this, watch lab lecture 5.

Organize this into a table like the one below. Upload this table into the assignment called "solo analyses for team assignment 4". 

climate change z score table.JPG

Report age as a whole number. Report Z scores and scale scores to 2 decimal places.


When you meet in the lab, you will compare what you found with your teammates. If there are any discrepancies, try to find and resolve them. If you need help, let me know!

Once the team has finalized the table, believing it to be complete and correct, the designated team leader needs to upload it along with the relevant SPSS tables (and the numbers used high-lighted) to the assignment called "team assignment #4" on Canvas.


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