Team Project Assignments

Statistics Lab


Each team will run an independent or dependent t-test (as appropriate) on the variables I tell them. See the bottom of this page.


Each team will create and submit two pptx slides: one slide for their t-test information and EXCEL graph, one slide for the relevant SPSS output with the numbers used hi-lighted. Make sure you include the SPSS output showing the means and SEMs used in your graph, and not just the t-test results. If doing an independent t-test, include the Levene's test results.


On the t-test slide, you are asked to report the statistical results in correct APA format. This is illustrated below:


(df) = actual value for t, = the sig. value


e.g.  (36) = 4.43, p = .043   Note that t and p are italicized. Also, you can choose between reporting the actual sig. value, p >.05 or p<.05 as appropriate and whichever will look more impressive. Remind me to talk about this.

If you get a significant t-test, you must tell me the direction of the difference (who scored higher or lower). Do not just say that the groups are different.


Please see the sample pptx for what goes on the t-test slide.

The video library has a clip on how to add SEMs (also called y-error bars) to graphs.


FINALLY, add one more slide and include the names of each team member (alphabetically). Indicated whether each one was present for the meeting. If present, indicate whether or not they were contributory.


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Military Tough: test the effect of participant sex on the length of time the participant tolerated pain 


Emotionally Intelligent: test the effect of participant sex on emotional IQ scores 


Yuck! That's Gross: test the effect of participant sex on reach in time


In the Eyes of the Beholder:  test the effect of model sex (the sex of the person in the photo) on perceived attractiveness 


Lost in Space:  test the effect of participant sex on percent correct scores


Hairy Faces:  test the effect of participant sex on perceptions of warmth and caring

Tortoise & the Hare:  test the effect of participant sex on reading speed


Submit after you review your feedback from SPSS assignment 6.


Army Soldiers
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