Comprehensive Final Exam

Statistics Class

This exam is 100 multiple choice questions long and covers the entire semester's worth of material. The test will be in our usual classroom on Dec 13, 11:00-12:50. Do not be late! You will need a scantron with room for 50 questions on each side.

How to Prepare

What to expect

All 100 questions will be derived from the quiz bank at the back of your book. There are close to 500 questions in this quiz bank, and most of the questions are not in multiple choice format. The good news is that by the time you take this test, you will have taken approximately 27 quizzes... which means you will have seen about 190 multiple choice questions that could be on the test. To prepare for the final, at a minimum you should study all your quizzes AND the quiz bank.

Some Calming Thoughts?

Even though there are 500 quiz bank questions, these are not 500 completely separate, non-overlapping questions. For example, there are only so many ways someone can ask a question about sampling error. I have tried to come up with as many of these ways as possible and include them in the quiz bank. That way, if you know the quiz bank, you will know how to answer all the questions on the final. Just make sure you know BOTH the quiz bank and all the questions on your quizzes.