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There are two versions of the SPSS test. Both versions very much resemble assignment 8.


Escape from Azkaban requires you to conduct and interpret a 2-way mixed ANOVA, and then interpret the interaction effect. To take this test, you will need to run SPSS on a computer while taking the exam. When you open the test up in Canvas, you will see a link to an Excel data set. Open this and the SPSS program. You will copy and paste the data from the Excel file into SPSS. Click HERE for a list of "skills" and knowledge you are expected to have besides simply running and interpreting the ANOVA. Do you have what it takes to escape from Azkaban?


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry does not require you to use SPSS (or Excel) during the test. Instead, you will be given a description of three studies - all related to each other. I will have already run a chi square, two-way mixed ANOVA, and tests of normality on the data. I will provide you with screenshots of various stages of the analyses and the SPSS output. You will be asked questions about the set up for the tests, executing the tests, and interpreting the results. The questions will be multiple-choice and short-answer format. Click HERE for additional details and sample questions. Do you have what it takes to gain admission to Hogwarts?

When and where are the tests?

Both exams are scheduled for the last week of classes in the semester. You will take them on a computer at the testing center. IMPORTANT: Both versions are open notes/book. You can use any written or printed material you wish. That's is, it has to be on paper - nothing electronic and/or digital. 

What to expect

How to Prepare

Escape from Azkaban: Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this page that explains how to copy and paste data from Excel into SPSS. A printed summary of the instructions is here. The data that is in the Excel file will also appear in a table at the beginning of the test. If you want to, you can enter the data in by hand. Just be sure to triple check your numbers as data entry errors will likely lead to a failing grade.


Next, review your feedback on assignment 8 (for the digital wellness survey). If you made mistakes, you do not want to keep making them. I suggest re-doing assignment 8 at least 2 more times. But don't stop there!  The link below will take you to two practice data sets, with answers. Try these out a couple of times.


Finally, if you still need/want more practice, try running the 2 way mixed ANOVA that is in your book (chapter 10). If you run into problems, please see me or the stats intern for help.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:  This version still requires you to be proficient with SPSS. You do not need to know how to copy and paste from Excel into SPSS for this version. But you should still practice running two-way mixed ANOVAs as described above under Escape from Azkaban. In addition, you should practice running and interpreting tests of normality (Digital Wellness SPSS assign 2) and chi-square tests (Digital Wellness SPSS assign. 9). 



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Which version should I take?

If you did well on assignment 8, and you have practiced two-way mixed ANOVAs - a lot - then I would probably go for Escape from Azkaban


Regardless of which version you take, I strongly advise that you take the test early in the week. That way, if you do not do well, you can prepare and take the other version. There is no penalty for taking both versions. I will count your highest score. 

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