Statistics Lab

The SPSS test will require you to conduct and interpret a 2-way mixed ANOVA. It will very much resemble assignment 8. It is scheduled for the last week of classes and you will take it on Canvas and Proctorio. When you open the test up in Canvas, you will see a link to the excel data set. Open this and the SPSS program. You will copy and paste the data from the excel file into SPSS. IMPORTANT: You can only have SPSS and excel open on your computer. But, you can have any printed material you want beside you. Most people take about 1 hour to finish, but I will let you have 3.


Make sure you watch the video that explains how to copy and paste data from excel into SPSS. A printed summary of the instructions is here. The data that is on the excel file will also appear in a table on page 1 of the test. If you want to, you can enter the data in by hand. Just be sure to triple check your numbers as data entry errors will likely lead to a failing grade.



What to expect

How to Prepare

The SPSS test very much resembles SPSS assignment 8. Make sure you review your feedback on Canvas so you do not keep making the same mistakes. I suggest re-doing assignment 8 at least 2 more times to make sure you know how. But don't stop there!  The link to the right will take you to two practice data sets, with answers. Try those out a couple of times. Finally, if you still need/want more practice, try running the 2 way mixed ANOVA that is in your book (chapter 10). If you run into problems, please see me or the stats intern for help.

What if I don't do well?

If you score less than 70% on this test, you will be given the option to retake it. But, the highest score you can receive on the retake is 80%. If you qualify for the retake, I will contact you and then special arrangements will be made as to when the retake will happen. I will accommodate schedules as much as possible, but if you want to take it after grades are due, it will mean signing an incomplete contract with me.