Class Activities

Throughout the semester, there will be many class activities and demonstrations, most of which you must be present for. Following each one, you will complete and submit a thoughtful reflective summary using the Class Activity Form below. Note that to do well, you need to incorporate some of the science of health psychology.


Below is a list of planned class activities. The list may be updated as the semester progresses. Note that with very few exceptions, the class activity form is due within three days of the activity.


Activity List  completed activities are in green


  sitting-rising test
facial feedback hypothesis

who am I?

acceptable social distance between people

gain vs loss-framed messages and me (everyone can do this, whether present or not)

the behavior change wheel - practice

effect of scent on mood - demo

top three stressors

diaphragmatic breathing


biofeedback demo


hassles & uplifts - 5 day journal

relationship between pain and injury demo

bracing and PMR (via video conference)

behavioral intervention: self-help group activity (via video conference)

cephalic phase response (via video conference)

run and breathe (do on your own time)

Into the wild Movie (do on your own time)

Sugar tracking (do on your own time)

Fed Up! Movie (do on your own time)


binder clip demo (canceled)

TENS demo (canceled)