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Complete the R-R-R submission form for each of the assigned papers below. Note that there are word limits for certain fields. Make sure you adhere to them! 

Reading List

RRR4: this reading consists of visiting several links on the visible body website

                             Read the information posted to the following pages:



RRR6:  go online to the SUU library home page. In the  "basic catalog search" box, click on "search for articles". In the "quick article search" box, type in "The dopamine theory of addiction: 40 years of highs and lows" and download the full text article.

RRR7: Marijuana (handed out in class) and available here

RRR9: continue reading RRR 8 article on pain, pp. 8 to end

RRR10:  Cephalic Phase Responses - click here

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