Class Activities

Throughout the semester, there will be participating in many class activities. Following each one, you will complete and submit via Canvas a thoughtful reflective summary. Note that to do well, you need to incorporate some of the science of stress and pain. That is, you must include relevant facts, research findings, and/or theories we've been learning about.


Below is the list of planned activities. The list may be updated as the semester progresses. Note that with very few exceptions, the class activity form is due within three days of the activity posting to Canvas.

Class Activities List

top three stressors

spiderweb of social networks

Into the wild (long movie -must rent for about $3)

hassles and uplifts - 5-day tracker


soothing forces of nature

Stress: Portrait of a Killer (movie)

A day in the life of stress (movie)



diaphragmatic breathing 

5 relaxation techniques (mountain lake meditation,

​PMR, mindful meditation, autogenic training, 

rainbow meditation)


binder clip demo - you will need a 1" clip