Class Activities

Throughout the semester, there will be participating in many class activities. Following each one, you will complete and submit via Canvas a "quiz" where you will a) explain what you learned from the activity and b) write two specific facts, findings, or theories you learned in the class that relate to the activity.


Below is the list of planned activities. The list may be updated as the semester progresses. Note that due dates for each are posted in Canvas. 

Of the 18 activities listed, you need to complete 15. If you complete (and pass) all 18, I will add 3% to your final grade in the class. Note that this is the pnly extra credit available.

Class Activities List

welltory app.png

top three stressors

spiderweb of social networks

Into the wild rated R (long movie -must rent for about $3this counts as 2 activities 

hassles and uplifts - 5-day tracker  this counts as 2 activities


soothing forces of nature

Stress: Portrait of a Killer (movie)

A day in the life of stress (movie)



diaphragmatic breathing 

5 relaxation techniques (mountain lake,

​meditation, PMR, mindful meditation, autogenic training, 

rainbow meditation) this counts as 5 activities


binder clip demo - you will need a 1" clip


Create your own activity (must be approved by Lynn first)