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Research Design

Vocabulary Quizzes

Know the definitions for the terms below. The quiz may include mutiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, and/or matching type questions.

Module 5
For Oct 1

extraneous variable               power

confound                                 external validity

nuisance EV                            test statistic (TS)

subject variable                      balance technique

situational variable                counterbalance technique


For Oct 8

within subjects factor                   within groups counterbalancing

between subjects factor               strong manipulation


order effects                                   effect size


carryover effects                            error variance


differential carryover effects 


For Oct 15

interval scale of measurement                         type 1 error

ratio scale of measurement                              Cohen's d


independent t-test                                              one way independent ANOVA

dependent t-test                                                 one way repeated ANOVA


homogeneity of variance                                   post hoc tests


significant                                                            eta squared                                     



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