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Introduction - Outlines

Your team needs to write a 4 page (approx) introduction as part of your APA empirical research report. The introduction serves to: a) give the reader general background information on the topic and b) develop and explain your study's niche. This will be easier if you create a well organized numbered outline. Each of you can then write up one (or two) of the numbered sections.


Because each of you is reading a different subset of all the papers, it is critical that you identify if and where each heading/subheading occurs within the papers you read and clearly share this information with all your teammates. That is, do not just look for your topic(s) within the papers you read... look for everyone else's topics as well.

Outline 1:  List the major topics you plan to talk about, in order. The order should make logical sense. Begin with topics that review basic/general information related to your research question(s). As you move down the list, the topics should become more specific to your research question(s). Use 2-3 subheadings under each or most of the major headings (i.e. topics) to help you organzie what you will say about each. The order of these subheadings should also make sense. Use descriptive titles so it's clear what you plan to talk about.


Outline 2:  Now that you have read more articles/books related to your research, you will be able to add more headings and subheadings. Use the feedback I gave you on outline 1. You may need to rearrange your outline. 



When sitting down to write, I find it easier to write one section at a time, rather than skip around like a fish flip-flopping out of water.



Bring your intro to the writing center for their review. Make sure then send me a proof of visit card. You will need to do this well in advance of the due date - to give yourselves time to make the changes.


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