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Statistics Studio

Each Tuesday and Thursday you will take a studio quiz on Canvas. The questions are all multiple choice. 

The first 7 questions will be pulled from the end of chapter questions in your book. In most cases, the end of chapter questions are not in multiple-choice format. No worries - I will convert them. The last 3 questions on each quiz will be "brand spanking new".

To do well on each quiz, make sure you watch the video lecture and/or read your book (preferably both), AND practice the end of chapter questions. I will tell you which questions to  practice for each quiz. You will work on the quiz in your learning pods. However, you will each submit your own quiz. This way, you can submit the answers your pod thinks is correct, or your own if you think your pod is wrong. You will take about 25 quizzes over the semester. I will count your best 20.

You REALLY want to try hard on these quizzes. Many of these questions will appear on the final exam (that is, on the 100 multiple choice question version).

Tuesday and Thursday studio quizzes are due by 11:59 pm the following day.

You should ALWAYS take these quizzes before they close, even if you have to guess. If you don't, you will not be able to access the quiz later to study from.

Nov 16

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