Statistics Class 
Bonus Points and Rewards



Pre-studio segment quizzes:  1 point for each correct answer    223 points possible (approx)

Pre-studio fog i.d. questions: 2 points each IF clear and specific

52 points possible (approx)

Studio class attendance: 5 points/class, 4 points if you are tardy 130 points possible

Studio class pod teaching: 5 points to the teacher (on top of attendance)    35 points possible

Glossary quiz: must be taken a minimum 3x with a min score of 75%   20 points possible per quiz, 100 total points possible

GRAND TOTAL:  540 points



erase a late fee on a test or assignment       20 points

drop a studio quiz                                             30 points             drop a studio assignment                               100 points

drop a progress test                                        250 points

opt-out of the comprehensive final exam     500 points

Terms and Conditions


1.  There is no limit on how many late fees you can erase
2.  No more than 5 studio quizzes can be dropped
3.  No more than 2 studio assignments can be dropped

4.  No more than 2 progress tests can be dropped

5.  Please do not ask me to figure out which actions will maximize your final grade. I am lousy at math!

6.  If you opt-out of the final, this means your grade will be based only on quizzes, progress tests, and studio assignments.

7. To redeem bonus points, you must complete the Canvas assignment "Redeeming Bonus Points" by the last day of finals. Once redeemed, the action cannot be undone.