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Health Psychology

Bonus Points and Rewards



      Syllabus Quiz     1 point for each correct answer                                20 points possible    

    Segment quizzes  1 point for each correct answer                           205 points possible (approx)

     Studio class attendance (Fall/Spring Students Only)             

           5 points for each full class attended

               -1 point if tardy and -1 point if leave early
180 points possible (approx)

     Discussion Board Activity (Online Summer Students Only)

          5 points for each meaningful* response to another           
          student's post (see addional info on this page)
          190 points possible

GRAND TOTAL:  405-415 points - ish


Erase a late fee                                                            50 points

Increase SARA video grade by 5%                           100 points

Increase total class activity grade by 5%                150 points

Increase health intervention grade by 5%               250 points

Increase public health campaign grade by 5%       250 points
Opt out of final exam                                                  350 points

Terms and Conditions


1.  Bonus points cannot increase a grade beyond 100%

2.  There is no limit on how many late fees you can erase

3.  Rewards can only be used once on a given assignment. For example, you cannot increase your class activity grade by 10% by redeeming 300 points. Similary, you cannot erase a late fee on an assignment and then increase the grade on that assignment by 5%


4.  Please do not ask me to figure out which actions will maximize your final grade. I am lousy at math.

5.  To redeem bonus points, you must wait until I tell you how many points you've earned. This will happen at the end of the semester. Then you need to complete the Canvas assignment "Redeeming Bonus Points" by the due date. Once redeemed, the action cannot be undone.

* Meaningful responses to posts - summer students only

Non-meaningful responses are those that do little to expand the discussion in constructive or helpful ways. Some examples include saying things like "Cool", "I agree", "I disagree", or "Maybe try something different".


Meaningful responses are those that are relevant and specific to the post, and that provide: i. suggestions or examples to help futher understand/explore the topic ii.  additional information that provides a different interpretation or new perspective on the information,  or iii. implications of the information in the post. Make sure you read through the discussion thread to be relevant and not duplicate someone else's response.

Responses MUST be polite and respectful! To be mindful of people's time, please be concise.

Important: If you respond multiple times to the same person's post - this is great! However, you will only earn 5 points. If you want to earn more points in any given week, you need to respond to OTHER students' posts. For each additional student, you will earn an additonal 5 points.


Go to the class in Canvas and click on "grades". Scroll down to the end of the page. Add together two numbers:

number of points in the "BONUS POINTS activities" category + number of points in the "Module Segment Quizzes" category. 


DO NOT add up the %. You must add the actual points.

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