Health Behavior Intervention Project

Find someone you know (or a classmate) who will agree to let you try to modify one of their health behaviors. The behavior must be one of the following: a) increase daily steps or water intake, or b) decrease sugar or caffeine intake. You will need to meet with your "client" several times in order to; a) conduct an initial interview to discuss the scope of the behavior and end goals, b) teach them how to monitor and record the behavior for one week. Behavior tracking is used to get a baseline and to help identify barriers/facilitators to change, c) develop the intervention in a cooperative manner with your client, d) check on your client's progress, and e) evaluate the effectiveness of the three-week intervention. 


You will need to complete and submit two forms for this project. NOTE:  You may not share information provided by your "client" with anyone but me. I will similarly keep this information confidential.


Form 1:  Behavior Review and Contract Form. This form will identify your client, the target behavior, related biopsychosocial variables, baseline data, and the intervention plan. Your client must not start the intervention until I have given you feedback on form 1.


Form 2:  Results and Reflection Form. This form will provide information on a) any changes made during the intervention, b) empirical data (presented in an excel graph) to assess behavior change over the three-week intervention and compare it to pre-intervention data, and c) reflection on what worked best/worst, the changes you would make in hindsight, and a reflection on what you learned through the process.


This project will take some time - plan accordingly!