Brain and Behavior

Attendance and Participation

This class is best described as a hybrid - a blend between a traditional "lecture" type class and a "flipped" classroom. Barring a COVID-related disruption, we will meet face-to-face for every class. However, I will not lecture in every class. At least four classes will be set aside for "lab work" - which will be conducted in our usual classroom. On these lab days, you will watch a recorded lecture at home. 

Class attendance is required. You will receive 5 bonus points for each class you attend (4 points if tardy). What happens if you are absent? I understand that you might have no choice but to miss a class or two. I do not deduct points from your grade if you are absent. However, you will not receive any bonus points that day. Important: If you miss a lab day - you will lose points for missing the activity. There is no reasonable way to repeat the lab for you. This is also why I made lab activities count for only 5% of your grade.

Safe Participation

We will be learning in close proximity throughout the semester. Given the uncertainty of the COVID virus and the vaccination status of your classmates, I would appreciate it if we all wore masks (properly) in the classroom. If you choose not to, you might need to be assigned to a group with members who are comfortable with this decision. If anyone comes to class visibly unwell (e.g. coughing, sneezing, and/or sniffling) they will be asked to mask up or leave the room (if we are working inside that day). ​These measures will help keep you and everyone else as safe and healthy as possible so we can have a fun semester together.

Time Commitment


As a two-credit class, we will have just 19 class meetings. The time requirement for work outside the class will obviously depend on the individual. My best guesses are outlined below. This means you will need to invest about 7 hours/week throughout the semester. This might seem like a lot, but it is less than the 9 hours per week expected from the Utah System of Higher Education. Plus, you will learn some real cool stuff!

Face-to-face class attendance                    24 hours
Lab activities                                                    3 hours

At home pre-recorded lectures                     4 hours

module quizzes                                               4 hours

watching & taking video quizzes                   2 hours

SARA project                                                 12 hours
Watching & taking SARA quizzes                  3 hours 

Book chapter readings                                   3 hours

Miscellaneous                                               10 hours

65 hours total

approximately 7 hours/week on average