Brain and Behavior

Attendance and Participation

This class is best described as a hybrid. Unlike an online course which is self-paced, you will follow a set schedule. In lieu of in-person lectures, you will watch pre-recorded lectures. I have found this procedure to be more effective than zoom lectures as, inevitably, either my internet gives out or yours does. This said, I expect everyone to zoom in on the first day of class: Tuesday, January 12 at 2:30. I want to make sure everyone has all their questions and concerns addressed and I really want to "meet you". 

I will also be on zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 in case other questions or concerns arise - or if you just want to chat :)  Note: if no one "shows up" by 3:00 I will sign off. But know that you are always welcome to contact me at any time!​​​​


This class requires participation in a team project. Each team will have their own project page on Canvas where they can send each other messages, but you are encouraged to find other means to communicate. Physical, in-person meetings are not required, but you will likely want to set up some virtual meetings yourselves. You decide the best way of doing this, whether it be zoom or some other platform.


Watching pre-recorded lectures              23 hours

8 module quizzes                                         8 hours

watching & taking video quizzes                3 hours

solo seek and answer project                   10 hours

team seek and answer project                  15 hours

final exam (including watching
the team project recordings)                       3 hours 


                                                                      62 hours total

approximately 6.5 hours/week

on average