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Brain and Behavior Animal Lab 1

Meeting location: GC 008 at 3:00 pm sharp (dress down)



1.  lab coat distribution

2.  move to SCA007 (Skaggs Bldg) to visit the animal care facility and meet the rats and mice

3.  how to safely handle rats and mice 

4.  humane use and treatment of lab animals - click here

5.  review of the elevated plus maze

6.  review of the inhibitory avoidance maze

7.  test and record maze performance for 6 rats 

8.  animal care room maintenance responsibilities

9.  adjourn

HOMEWORK: watch videos on stereotaxic surgey

Super Stereotaxic - part 2

Super Stereotaxic - part 1

Super Stereotaxic - part 3 (see Canvas for the link)

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