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On a personal note


I love my life! I am married to a wonderful man, Andrew Milner, and I have two spectacular sons, Burgess and Troy. We live, love, and laugh together - and growing through learning is a part of that.

tel. 435-586-7913

Professional Information


Employed at SUU since August 1997

Education: B.A. 1990, Bishops University; M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 1998, Physiological and Comparative Psychology, McGill University.


I have the pleasure of teaching upper-division courses and labs: Statistics with lab, Stress and Pain, Health Psychology, Brain and Behavior, Animal Behavioral Neuroscience Lab, and Human Neuropsychophysiology Lab. 


My research interests center around topics in health psychology, particularly those from a physiological perspective. These include cephalic phase responses to food, stress, pain, and related issues. Since 1997, I have (co)authored over 100 presentations and publications, the majority of which were undergraduate student-faculty collaborations. I am a strong advocate for experiential learning in higher education.

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